Hunting & Fishing

The Philip area has an abundant selection of animals to hunt. Some of the prevalent animals in the area include: Small Game Animals (Pheasants, Grouse, Rabbits); Varmint Animals (Coyotes, Prairie Dogs, Raccoons); and, Big Game Animals (Turkeys, Antelope, Mule Deer, White Tail Deer). We are know as the hunter's paradise for both trophy big and small game. 

Fishing is also very popular in the area. Lake Waggoner is north of Philip and there are also a large number of private stock dams. 

*The majority of the land in the area is privately owned. Hunters and fishermen are required to ask permission of the landowner before entering their property to hunt and/or fish. There is also some public hunting access in Haakon County.

Licensing and more information can be found at the SD Game, Fish & Parks website.



Peasant Hunting


*Photographer Ashley Williams