Emergency Water Restrictions - Update from WRLJ

Update: Emergency Mni Wiconi Pipeline Repair and Extended Water Use Restrictions – July 1, 2021 – 2:15 pm CT:

WR/LJ Rural Water received the information below from the Bureau of Reclamation. WR/LJ is asking all bulk and individual customers to comply with the extended water restrictions as we work through this challenging time. As of 2:00 pm CT today, WR/LJ service areas in Lyman County still have not fully recovered from the Mni Wiconi system shut down earlier this week.

The Mni Wiconi system will be shut down again after the 4th of July weekend for a re-attempt at repairs on the core pipeline in Ft. Pierre. The water treatment plant and core pipeline system will be completely shut down on Tuesday, July 6. After the Mni Wiconi system is turned back on, it will take Wednesday (July 7) and Thursday (July 8) to restore the system.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding!