Property Maintenance Reminder - Mowing & Noxious Weed Control


The City of Philip requests that all residents please consider this as a courtesy notice to all property owners of real property within the City limits of the City of Philip, South Dakota.

Property owners of all real property within the City limits are required by City Ordinances #15-401 to mow and maintain lawns; and, control noxious weeds upon said real property. Any grasses and/or weeds growing to a height of 12 inches or more as well as any noxious weeds upon any real property are considered a public nuisance and are in violation of said ordinance. Noxious weeds include, but are not limited to the following: canadian thistle, goldenrod, ragweed, burdock, cocklebur, sandbur, milkweed, etc.

The City Council strongly encourages all property owners of any real property within the City, occupied or non-occupied, to comply with City Ordinances--keep your properties mowed & sprayed to prevent the spread of noxious weeds.

Property owners are also notified that City personnel will be trimming those trees impacting the public right-of-way this spring. This includes those overhanging the streets, alleys & sidewalks in accordance with City Ordinance.

We thank you in advance for all your cooperation and dedication in maintaining your properties and improving the appearance of our community.

(Publish: Small Boxed Ad during weeks of May 17th & 24th, 2021)