Emergency Water Restrictions - Update from WRLJ

Update: Emergency Mni Wiconi Pipeline Repair – June 29, 2021:

Efforts are ongoing to repair the Mni Wiconi core pipeline in Ft. Pierre. The Mni Wiconi Water Treatment Plant and core pipeline system that supply WR/LJ will be shut down today during the repair work. Portions of the WR/LJ system will experience low pressures and outages while the Mni Wiconi system is shut down.

The areas most likely to be impacted first will be the Vivian area, Saddle Butte area, Ft. Pierre North area and Moenville area. We are estimating these areas to run out of water early to mid-afternoon today.

Our expectation is that the Mni Wiconi pipeline will be repaired today and the system will be turned back on sometime tonight. We will do our best to try and keep everyone updated as the day goes on.

Please keep water conservation in mind and use water wisely. We appreciate your patience and understanding!